How does Core First support engagement?

Published: 15/05/2017 18:37

True engagement requires that the communicator guide and craft the interaction using the available tools on their AAC system.  However, a large percentage of AAC users have such poor language and literacy skills. Because of this, they are often limited by the types and complexity of interactions they can have.  Snap + Core First provides Topics to give individuals with complex communication needs a way to:  show what they know, learn how to have a conversation, and do more than their current language skills permit.

How many times you heard someone say, “He understands way more than he can say or produce.” Topics give more complete messages (in the form of full sentences and phrases) and a way to use those during interaction.  Learning happens no matter what you say using topics.  Partners can understand and build upon whatever has been said.  This allows conversations to continue in robust and meaningful ways.  We want AAC users to be able to say more than just a word or two.  This shows who they are and gives them bigger more interesting things to say than their current language and literacy skills may allow.

To explore the pre-programmed topics available in Core First, select the Topics button in the Toolbar.

Toolbar and topics

 Once you’ve chosen a Topics, the vocabulary available will include a variety of communicative functions:  questions, general comments, positive comments and negative comments. You will also find Topic Words (single word vocabulary related to the topic) and behavior supports related to the topic.

Screenshot of the Topic feature on Snap

 Another way Core First supports engagement is through QuickFires.  These are quick messages that are not specific to any topic and can be used to help an individual actively participate in a conversation. QuickFires can be used to greet someone (Hi!), ask and answer questions (e.g., What time?), get attention (e.g., Hey!), manage conversations (e.g., Really?), or to be polite (e.g., Sorry).  QuickFires can be used alone or in combination.

Screenshot of the Quickfires feature on Snap

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