Enhance Conversation with Topics

Published: 26/06/2017 15:38

Keeping up with fast-paced conversation can sometimes be difficult for people using AAC devices. When a topic of conversation switches, it is important to have all the vocabulary necessary at your fingertips. The Topics pages allow you to access pages that encompass all the vocabulary you could need to maintain conversation for specific topics.

Topics are a way to participate in engaging conversations based on the situation. Snap + Core First provides numerous topics for an individual to talk about and even provides a place for you to create your own. Within a Topic there are a variety of full sentences and phrases regarding questions and comments. Within each Topic are additional Topic Words and behavior Supports.

Picture of the Topic feature on the Snap + Core First

Let’s take a look at a specific Topic. Below you will see the Bedroom Topic page. Buttons outlined in:

  • Blue = questions related to the bedroom
  • Orange = general comments for the user when in or talking about the bedroom
  • Green = positive comments
  • Red = negative comments

Along the right side of the page you can see where additional Topic Words and behavior Supports are located. Supports are helpful visual cues for completing an activity related to the Topic. An example of a Support relating to the bedroom is a “First, Then” visual. This shows the user a picture of someone first putting on their pajamas then reading a book.

Screenshot of the Topic feature on Snap

On each Topics page, you will also find empty buttons available for you to add your own topic related messages.

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