The I-110: Almost Too Cool for School

Published: 08/09/2017 19:51

“Work Hard, Be Nice, Keep Humble” and variations of that phrase show up a lot these days on T-shirts, back-to-school stuff, home décor items and other novelties. Well, we can relate to those words. Putting real effort and thought into what we do comes easily because we love helping people find the power to express themselves fully, break through boundaries and reach their potential.

But staying humble? Now that’s a little bit harder. You see, our augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) solutions have a longstanding reputation for being pretty robust and well, just very cool. And as we roll out the Tobii Dynavox I-110, we can’t help but wonder whether this speech generating device (SGD) may be too cool for school. Our verdict? “Yes!”—wait a minute. Make that an “almost” given that once you use this ultimate touch AAC device, you’ll definitely be taking it along wherever you go—whether you’re in kindergarten, college or wherever your next adventure in learning or life may lead.   

So…here a few good reasons why the I-110 is almost too cool for school:

Durability. Besides being a sleek lightweight device, the I-110 is up for anything! Drops? Spills? Crummy weather? Well, unpleasant things happen sometimes but the I-110’s water-resistant design means you can rest easy if and when they do. The I-110 is, in fact, our first product with an IP54 classification, which ensures its ability to withstand tough conditions. Built-ins like outward-facing extra loud speakers and a nifty kickstand underscore both the I-110’s resilience and handsome looks. And its long battery life is sure to please everyone.

Performance. No two AAC users are alike, but all expect to be able to say what they want anytime and anywhere. Whether they’re in the classroom, in a park, at a party or having a private conversation, the I-110 gives them that freedom. It accommodates multiple device access methods while serving individuals with a wide range of language and literacy abilities and needs—more on that momentarily.

Reliability. Highly intuitive and purpose built for real life, the I-110 embodies our steady commitment to make each communication experience better than the last one for our customers and their communication partners. It is our hope that just knowing this will ease whatever worries you may have about the technology, giving you the power to focus on what really matters.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering how one device can offer such a definitive communication solution, the short answer is options, options, options. You’ll find a treasury of language in I-110’s selection of pre-installed symbol- and word-based communication software. Yep. Something for every emergent, context-dependent or independent communicator. Topping the long list of options are Tobii Dynavox Snap™ + Core First® and Tobii Dynavox Communicator 5. Other favorites rounding out the list are Snap Scene for early AAC users, the Accessible Language and Literacy (ALL™) reading program and the Boardmaker Student Center app to let learners accessing Boardmaker Online activities.

Last and not least, anyone who has an I-110 also has the Tobii Dynavox ecosystem of free supports and resources at their side throughout their journey of self-expression.

Feeling too cool for school yet? Maybe so. But remember: You’re never too cool to communicate!

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